Title: Rerouting the Brain-The Power of Changing Your Mind

power of brain lecture


Date: Tuesday, JULY 30, 2019

Time: 6:30 – 7:45 PM

Location: National Integrated Health Associates

Presenter: Kuno Bachbauer, Dr.med. (Austria) L.M.F.T. (D.C.)


This is a lecture and mini-workshop Series "Understanding the Mind-Body Connection" with Kuno Bachbauer.

Join us at any time for this fun and experiential learning session! This is a live, in-person class so that you can sense and feel what is taking place in the mind and body.





Our bodies respond to PERCEPTION. Because we can actively change our PERCEPTION of a situation, we can influence our mind-body reaction to it.


By becoming SELF-AWARE, and also through CONSCIOUS CHOICE, we can MODULATE the expression of our brains and thus our bodies in response to that experience.

Here is a re-cap of the good news:

·         We can influence our experience of life.

·         We can change our environment.

·         We can learn until the last day of our life.

·         We can change our choices (if we don’t like what we have created)

·         We can re-train our brain.

·         We can harness our emotions.

·         We can even re-sculpt our body.

AND- MORE IMPORTANTLY...If you understand these concepts, you may use this understanding for deeper healing!

  • Are you Intrigued?
  • Unfamiliar with thinking about life this way?
  • Each journey starts with the first step!

Join us for an informative evening to connect Mind and Body!

Besides deepening the information presented above, you will learn in this mini-workshop:

• Why any illness must be seen as a systemic, multi-factorial process and a break-down of wholeness
• How the “ACE Study” (short for “Adverse Childhood Experiences study”) documents the connection between adverse childhood experiences and chronic illness later in life.
• How un-conscious life-commitments and frozen inner beliefs, that are resulting from unresolved traumatic childhood experiences may adversely influence the development of an illness!
• How a psychotherapist can make use of the “mind-body connection” for re-balancing and healing.

Kuno Bachbauer, LMFT, Dr. med. (Austria), has a life-long interest in personal growth, mind-body medicine, and understanding the neuro-biology of emotion and spiritual transformation. He practices Core Energetics at CoreConstellations Center in Rockville, MD., has a counseling office at NIHA, and teaches internationally.