Sweetheart Special for February!

Holistic Wellness Appointments to Check Your Health Status

Dr. Dawn Cannon, MD, MS, has a special offer to show you what to do NOW to maintain good health, and save $100 in the process.


Dr. Dawn Cannon holistic primary care DCPrimary Care and Preventive Medicine for Wellness

Our bodies are like cars...they need maintenance!

When was the last time you had a health maintenance check?

Find our what you can do now to stay healthy.



For a limited time, book 2 appointments with Dr. Cannon and SAVE $100!

Two appointments are regularly $775, Now $675 through 2/29/20.


Who should take advantage of this Special?

  • Someone who has been putting off a primary care appointment...but needs a wellness check up with a holistic approach
  • Someone who wants a doctor/partner for preventive medicine to treat the root cause of health issues for disease prevention
  • Someone who is not satisfied with a traditional 20 minute primary care appointment


What is included in your Wellness appointments?

A holistic approach:

  • Personal- the Doctor spends more time with you directly
  • Preventative- A holistic perspective allows you to be seen as they physical, mental, emotional and spiritual person you are.  A functional medicine approach seeks to identify and treat the root cause of health issues to prevent diseases before they even happen.
  • Productive- We treat the whole person, not just a symptom, and give you a foundation for a healthy life

1st visit: We'll start off with a complete medical history, systems review and a physical, and order any lab testing. Preventive maintenance labs are generally billed through insurance.Specialty labs you may select from among Dr. Cannon's recommendations may not be covered by insurance.

2nd visit: We'll review everything including lab work and adjust our plan based on findings. We may include recommendations for modifications in diet and activity, vitamins, minerals, supplements, IV therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic and/or detoxification.  We'll create a path towards your wellness & optimal health.


During this limited time, both appointments together are only $675

Book your appointment with  Dr. Cannon today for the Sweetheart Special. and start your journey to optimal health.

Hurry! Both appointments must be scheduled by 2/29/20 and follow up visit completed by 4/30/20.


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What patients say about Dr.Cannon:


"Dr. Cannon is superb. She studied my record and made anyalytically excellent recommendations on how to handle my chelation issue and aortic valve replacement issue. She personalized a vitamin and supplement program and taught me how to analyze supplements to make sure the inert ingredients are pure and not from GMO sources.

I would highly recommend her and I trust her superb judgment. Very comfortable bedside manner."


"Dr. Cannon really listens, and is very thorough. I come in with lots of questions and anxieties and I leave with concrete strategies and peace of mind. Thank you!"