The Biology of Trauma: Solutions Series for Mental Health, Addictions and Burnout

Online FREE Event   July 19-25, 2021

Trauma becomes our biology, and stored in the body, becomes the unconscious program running our mental and physical health to exhaustion. Join us to find science-based solutions for resilience and recovery!


Dr. Charles Gant, functional medicine doctor

Join Dr. Gant and other medical professionals for The Biology of Trauma Solution Series.

Dr. Charles Gant, MD, NIHA functional medicine physician, is a featured speaker and is the author of End Your Addiction Now and Awaken Your Godly Brain.



Biology of Trauna Event






One of the most difficult things about healing from trauma is how confusing and lost you can feel because there doesn’t seem to be a clear path.
People tend to think of the long-term effects of trauma as psychological, but in fact, the body and brain both experience lasting biological changes. Burnout, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD, pain, weight gain, gut issues and chronic fatigue are all part of the predictable patterns of stored trauma.
To find the way out, you have to understand the biology of trauma: the biology that predisposes you to trauma and keeps you stuck in fear, insecurity and inflammation even if you are doing all the treatments, therapy and meditation.

At The Biology of Trauma Solution Series you’ll discover:

  • Why people are more prone to trauma than ever before
  • Key indicators that you’re experiencing overwhelm
  • Diseases most associated with trauma and stored emotions
  • Root causes associated with all addictions
  • How trauma affects the nervous system and the vagus nerve
  • Strategies and practices for releasing stored trauma
  • Techniques to transform grief and pain
  • Effective tools for rewiring your nervous system for health and aliveness


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