Event: Mindfulness Meditation and Healing - Guided sessions with Dr. Gant every Sunday evening.                        


Date:  Every SUNDAY NIGHT 

Time: 7:00 pm- 8:00  pm   EST

Presenter: Dr. Charles Gant

Join:  At 7 pm, Call 667-770-1527 and enter the access code 566853# (pound) to participate.


Mindfulness has been shown to have benefits for health and healing such as relieving stress and anxiety, calming emotions, improving mood and focus, lowering blood pressure and activation of our immune system.  Learn to quiet your mind and take refuge from the worries and emotional disturbances of the world. All are welcome, those who have practiced mindfulness for decades to those who are unfamiliar with mindfulness.

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Mindfulness to find calm and refuge within

Mindfulness and Healing Group Announcement from Dr. Gant

All are welcome to attend the Mindfulness and Healing Group on Sunday evenings at 7 PM.  To enter the group, simply call the number above and enter the access code.

We usually start off with a “warm-up” breath exercise, paying close attention to the sensation of the rising and falling movement of the abdomen, as we breathe.  This exercise is useful for quieting the constant barrage of thoughts and lowering the sympathetic, fight/flight mental arousal, which has universally been implicated as a causal factor of all illnesses.  Participants are also encouraged to practice this simple breathing exercise during the week to strengthen their mindfulness.  After the warm-up, we will branch out into other uses and applications of mindfulness such as emotional relief, pain management and mindfulness based cognitive therapies.

Mindfulness- Paying attention, on purpose

Jon Kabat Zinn, one of the most experienced and famous mindfulness teachers and researchers, defines mindfulness as “awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally,” and then he sometimes adds, “in the service of self-understanding and wisdom.”  I would add that mindfulness is also a useful, clinical, therapeutic tool in the prevention and treatment of many conditions, as suggested by numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications.  Mindfulness is a separate faculty consciousness and is NOT cognitive (thinking), emotional, sensory (5 senses) or behavioral, all of which are faculties governed by more primitive brain regions that drive the biological imperative of all life, survival.  Mindfulness thus “transcends,” suspends or “lets go” of the worry about survival, and thus lowers sympathetic stress resulting in improving our chances of survival and wellness. Recent neuroimagery, cognitive science and neurophysiological studies suggest that approximately 1/6th of our brain, our most highly evolved part, the prefrontal cortex, is the critical region of our brain that confers this separate faculty of mindfulness. 

I sum up some of the latest research for this in my book Awaken Your Godly Brain.  Every week the NIHA Newsletter will feature an article, with references to peer-reviewed published studies, as to how mindfulness practice prevents and successfully treats various medical and psychological conditions and symptoms.  Sympathetic fight/flight stress naturally wears down our defenses. A Mindfulness practice and our on-line community that regularly meets is a refuge from this underlying cause and exacerbator of all diseases, illnesses, syndromes, symptoms and maladies. 

Come join us to find refuge. There has never been a better time to learn to practice mindfulness.


Join us on SUNDAY NIGHTS at 7 PM!  Everyone is invited.

Call 667-770-1527 and enter the access code 566853# to participate.  


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