Dr. Denia Tapscott has a special offer to show you how Functional Medicine is different, patient-centered and key to optimal health. functional medicine doctor

Functional Medicine Appointments are:

  • Personal- the Doctor spends at least 45 minutes with you directly
  • Preventative- Functional medicine treats the root cause of health issues to prevent diseases before they even happen
  • Productive- Functional Medicine is designed to treat the whole person, not just a symptom, and give you a foundation for a healthy life


For a limited time, book 2 appointments with Dr. Tapscott for $700!

Normally these two appointments run from $900-$1300.


What is included in your functional medicine exams?

1st visit: We'll start off with a complete functional medicine history, a physical, a functional medicine timeline, and functional medicine labs (billed through insurance).

We’ll create an individualized plan which will include vitamins or supplements, and a meal plan based off of your clinical presentation and medical concerns. 


2nd visit: We'll review everything and adjust our plan based off of findings. We may include functional foods, vitamins, supplements, IV therapy, and detox protocols.

We'll create a path to optimal health.


During this limited time, both appointments together are only $700!

Book your appointment with Dr. Tapscott today for the 2019 Fall Special, and start your journey to optimal health!


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