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NIHA’s Health and Wellness Coaching Program provides patients with the necessary tools to implement daily healthy habits that support their optimal health. Your health coach will partner with you to encourage making healthier lifestyle choices and help you understand how certain drivers of good health can enhance your unique lifestyle. 

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Personalized Coaching for Each Individual

Our program is not a one size fits all. NIHA health coaches value individual uniqueness and the understanding that each person’s health journey is different. We do not solely focus on only one aspect of health, but all factors that contribute to overall wellness, such as:


·        Diet: What you eat is one of the most important contributors to good health. We view food as medicine and use it to promote optimal health. 

·        Daily habits: Creating a more sustainable healthy lifestyle may require changes to your daily habits. We help to provide the tools to make impactful changes that work for YOU.

·        Exercise: Daily movement supplements your diet and overall healthy lifestyle. A wellness coach will help you create a plan that makes sense given your unique genetics and personal interests. 

·        Stress Management: Stress can cause many issues in the body, not limited to digestive issues, weight gain and fatigue. It is important to manage your stress to improve your health. 

·        Environmental factors: Many toxins live in our environment and you may not be aware of how they could be impacting your health. Working with a coach can help highlight these areas and together create long term solutions.


Health and wellness coaches work alongside your practitioner to identify any areas of improvement, and map out the best course of action for the best possible lifestyle transformation. If you are ready to challenge and change your current habits, find accountability, and take back control of your health, our Health Essentials Coaching Program may be right for you!

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