Personal Wellness Assessment                   

A Personal Wellness Program is an in-depth assessment of your current health status and the many markers for health such as nutrition, exercise, body composition, heart health, stress and more.

A Personal Wellness Assessment  is technology and data-reliant and it is notable that this data gives patients increased insight into what encourages people to get healthy and stay healthy.

The biggest driver of wellness programs is data integration, and expert interpretation of the results.  Software platforms, wearables, and other data sources have the potential to deliver important insights into your current health status and  the wellness program options that can make a difference and improve your health. Together with the physician, we can develop a Personal Wellness Plan to get you on the right track and move you toward optimal health and wellness.

What will improve your health?

NIHA has established several programs to reverse the effects of poor nutrition, chronic stress and high-pressured work and lifestyle environments that can be very unhealthy for you. Our focus is helping to achieve a balance in the lives of patients, by keeping them at their optimum fitness, providing healthy weight loss programs if indicated, along with balanced diets and nutritional programs. We provide motivation to increase self-achievement with balance and support for the individual.

At NIHA we use a cutting-edge software that keeps track of:

• Physical Scores
• Body Composition
• Activity
• Heart
• Fitness
• Nutrition
• Behavior
• Musculoskeletal

Personal Wellness Plan and Recommendations we offer:

  • Targeted health screenings such as blood pressure, total cholesterol, and glucose levels and monitoring via wearables.
  • Biometric screenings such as body fat, fitness levels, strength, and overall Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  • Seminars and educational materials on health issues to help you reach your health potential